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We are pleased to announce the first game to be released in our series of games and the target strategy for those releases. The first product will be the Velvet Skies CCG ™ and Basic Worldbook. Following that we plan to release Steamshot ™ as an Intermediate Rules System Worldbook and Chatroon RPG and then Antitrust ™ as an Advanced System Worldbook and if possible a computer RPG. Sometime around the release of Steamshot we plan to release the general Gen-Cell ™ Players Handbook and Storytellers Handbook along with a few other supplements to allow people to start making their own Worldbooks and campaigns under the Gen-Cell System ™. The main rulebooks will have limited generic examples from several genres that can all be mixed and matched in accordance to the open flexible design of the system. Now, for more information about Velvet Skies ™!

Velvet Skies ™ is a role-playing game set during Victorian London in the year 1871. If you are unfamiliar with a role-playing game you can read up on them here Wikipedia: Role-Playing Games. In this game you play a character, and through that you create stories, plots, and intrigues. This is a game based around the creation of stories and fiction, set with rules to let you know just what your character can and cannot do. Through interaction with other players and events throughout the game the story of your character is molded and in some cases drastically altered as you play. Any number of stories can be created, and any number of events to go with them. You are the player, you create the character, and with the character you shape the course of the game. The game is fundamentally a Gothic Horror game, though elements of weird science, steampunk, and romance are surely to be found.